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Mandatory medical declaration for domestic flights and public transport

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has issued a speeding document to the relevant units about mandatory medical declarations on domestic flights and public transport to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

Accordingly, implement Official Letter No.1457 / CV-BCD of the National Steering Committee for Prevention of Covid-19 on mandatory medical declaration for all passengers on domestic flights and public transport. In addition, the Ministry of Transport directed the units to implement strict passenger control measures.


The Ministry of Transport requests the General Department of Roads of Vietnam, the Departments of Aviation, Railways, Inland Waterways of Vietnam, the Departments of Transport of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government to notify all airlines. In Vietnam, the trucking and rail transport enterprises, vehicle owners / operators shall immediately make mandatory electronic medical declarations for all passengers before making the journey on trips. domestic flights, trains, tourist trains and intercity buses.


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In addition, requirements on vehicles (flight attendants, trainers in charge of train carriages, inter-provincial coaches, crew members on tourist passenger ships) shall:

Step 1: Use your smartphone, tablet to download the health declaration application (search for the exact keyword "Vietnam Health Declaration") to download it.

Step 2: Instruct and support passengers to declare on the website: https://tokhaiyte.vn or download the application as instructed in step 1 for undeclared passengers.

Step 3: Immediately notify the Department of Health, the Center for Preventive Medicine / the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nearest Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee when detecting passengers with suspected Covid- 19.

The Ministry of Transport also requires that passengers before making their journey need to declare electronic medical mandatory and provide staff using the application, perform scanning "QR code" that guests are granted. when declaring on the application ... Coordinate the management of passenger data, extract passenger information for the analysis and evaluation related to Covid-19.

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