As one of the the applications is the most popular, cheap and very high efficiency. 

Although higher costs billboard by tarpaulin hiflexbillboards micabillboards alu... but with an billboard LED attracts many times. A billboard Led will give your store an "explosion" customers which you probably can not imagine.

What type  of material are constitute billboard Led by? 
Specifications of billboard Led:

Structure frame shell
+ Iron frame box (or zinc stainless)
+ MSurface coated mica in Taiwan.
+ Edge aluminum.
+ Hanging frame by iron V3 or round iron painting art.

Led light:    
+ Diameter bulbs LED is 0.5cm, 0.3cm, 1cm.
+ Color bulbs LED: Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue.
+ Dedicated source for led (5V, 12V, 24V).
+ Reliability bulbs LED: 100.000h

The advantages of billboards LED

Power Savings: With a capacity estimated at just 1/5 compared with all other lighting technologies are advantages of billboards LED. Billboard Led will save a lot of power, not only for businesses and individuals but also for society when source of electrical energy is running out. Billboard Led  will help you save a lot of money have to pay for electricity.

The strength of lighting and aesthetics: Led billboard is lighting source with large coverage, compelling pedestrians eyes, light pleasing to the human eye, high aesthetics due to the many ways manipulated and design. Led billboard will help your store stand out and attract.

quang cao led
quang cao led

quang cao led