Billboard pano (Billboard) for large size, under 80m2 (table in urban centers) to 250m2 (on the Expressway, national highway).

Kind billboards (Pano, pa nô, billboard) often have elaborately structures directly affected by the weather, the impact around (especially storms, earthquakes) ... Often the investors put in concrete pillars, steel structures or hanging on the location of the intersection at the hip point of the center wall, the junction or Big highways ...

Billboard frame with square or round iron, solder hard structures. Billboard surface used inkjet tarpaulin Hiflex. 

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In addition, billboards pano (Pano, pa nô, billboard) also rent space on the walls of high-rise house has a beautiful location, convenient for advertising (outdoor advertising).

For reasons of safety and aesthetics general, billboards pano (Pano, pa nô, billboard) is one of the forms of advertising are strictly managed and planned official by the authorities.


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