Light box Ultra-thin

is the application of production technology liquid-crystal display LCD and LED ...

Billboard super slim light box mica by mica is made by system frame galvanized iron bearing, which the businesses and especially the restaurants, karaoke bars use popular nowadays. Billboard surface is made by mica sticker an external layer of decals pp or backlit inside used neon system lighting.
Biển hộp đèn siêu mỏng, slim led,

Specification Lightbox :
* Iron frame square: 16mm to 30mm (depending on the size of the lightbox).
* Alu imported (alcorest,...).
* Glue or shot screw.
* Neon lights Power Optical (or Phillip) and neonsign.

Paintings ultra-thin mica is type Painting ultra-thin, has thickness 1 or 1.5 cm. This type of ultra-thin mica painting has a panel plates led bottom with thickness from 5 to 8 mm, then is layer print backlit images and finally a layer mica 3mm protection (type this painting very beautiful, high brightness and beautiful are used mainly for the poster advertising the product and menu introduce items eat at upscale restaurants.

Biển hộp đèn siêu mỏng, slim led,

Ultra-thin light box is a type of advertising technology quite new at Vietnam in the recent years. Ultra-thin light box capable of high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection, compact, long life and high aesthetic fashionable. Super slim light box is designed with the road sensors and the LED light bulbs use 220V power line. Besides, you can easily change the image ads within ultra-thin light box, reuse frameworks light box reduces costs than other types of advertising such as print tarpaulin hiflex, signs, light boxes.

Ultra-thin light box as well as other cheap Lightbox widely used for advertising in shopping centers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, retail stores, factory vending, phone booth airport, hotel, supermarket ... Or can also use ultra-thin light box as shown in family wedding, family formation, family or simply landscape, creatures, cast favorite artists to decorate your home sits more brilliant.