Often used in the stores, the sales agent, the entrance lobby doors ....

Light box is made from ocean iron frame box, a box welded structural hollow average thickness of 13cm. (Thinner or thicker can customize request
Bottom billboards lined iron sheet (or wrap tarpaulin, mica as front with billboards 2-sided), around wrapped iron or aluminum, stainless steel, depending on requirements.
The lighting system was installed between iron frame.    

Biển hộp đèn

Light box overcome the drawbacks of billboards pano on terms of night lighting, more compact (for not using external lighting system) but it takes the when replacing or repair because cost of lightbox not too high. To ensure durability and aesthetics, customers can consider using light box 3M

Tarpaulin billboards 3M

3M is the major brand from the US, specializing in supplying materials for the construction and furniture industries. 3M tarpaulin outclasses quality hiflex tarpaulin of sharpness, endurance, the ability to transmit light. However with much higher costs Hiflex tarpaulin, tarpaulin 3M is suitable only for those companies, major organizations requested the luxury such as of banks, commercial centers, advertising at the airport,...

Biển hộp đèn

Some typical projects use materials 3M

3M Decal covered surface Mica

3M Decal covered surface Mica

Decal dual color covered font face mica, LED module lighting inside

 Decal 3M covering the Panagraphic 3M Decal 3M covering the Panagraphic 3M  Decal 3M covering the Panagraphic 3M
Printing UV on the film Transparency 3M Digital inkjet printer decal 3M  Decal 3M covering the Panagraphic 3M