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International airports Can Tho is located along the Hau River - Early airports east of Can Tho International 700m from the Hau River, a canal north of Tra Noc 500m west by the canal Ms. Li. International airports Can Tho is located very important in the development of economic, cultural, social, security and defense for Can Tho and regions, promote the development of region provinces the River Delta Mekong
•  English name: Can Tho International Airport (CTIA)
•  Address: 179B Le Hong Phong, Tra An Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City.
•  Airport code (ZIP): VCA
•  Runway: Length: 3,000 meters, 45 meters wide, curb HCC: 2x7,5m.
•  Aircraft Apron: 6 aircraft parking positions.
•  Exploit the aircraft B747, B777, A320, A321 and equivalent
•  Level airport: 4E
•  Airport shared military and civil aviation
•  The passenger terminal (Terminal Passenger): 20.750m2
•  Capacity through: 2 million passengers / year
1. Location:

Location map Can Tho Airport
Reference point of Can Tho international airport located on the 06-24 runway heart coordinates 10º05'02.4945 "N - 105º42'36.0912" E (The WGS-84).
High levels of the reference point of international airports Tho than average sea level 2,762m.
 2. Development Process:
Can Tho Airport (formerly known as Tra Noc airport) was built in the 1960s with runway 1800m x 30m. Before 30/4/1975, Can Tho airport air base of the old regime in the Mekong Delta.
After the South was completely liberated 30.04.1975, airport directly by the Defense Ministry management. The period 1977 - 1978, each with flights connecting to Can Tho Tan Son Nhat, but due to low efficiency, the airport has been suspended since mid-1978 use.
In 1993, Tra Noc airport operators are back, this time, this week welcomed the airport about 3 flights of Vietnam Airlines with routes from Ho Chi Minh City - Phu Quoc - Can Tho - Ho Chi Ming and vice versa with ATR 72, but after a short time and had to stop operations because of similar reasons.
Follow the guidelines of the Party and the Government, in 2005, the Corporation Southern Harbour (now the Airports Corporation of Vietnam) has focused resources and efforts to bring aviation Tho Port operations come back. The investment in upgrading the international airports of Can Tho is divided into 2 phases.  
Phase I was inaugurated and put into operation on the date 04/01/2009 portfolio includes: Construction of 2,400 m2 terminal has capacity to meet 500,000 passengers / year (400 peak) ; reconstruction of runways (total length of 2400m, width 45m), taxiways, aircraft parking, pavement tape, band brakes, capable of receiving aircraft A320, A321 and equivalent, Can Tho connection with Hanoi and other localities.
Phase 2 implementation of the project: Extend the road to reach the size HCC 3,000; building international passenger terminal has an area of ​​20.750 m2 with full equipment system of international standards, with capacity for 2 million passengers / year; systems serving runway lights at night standard CAT I, the system supports precise landing ILS / DME CAT II, ​​weather observation system automation, navigation stations DVOR / DME, to afford collection of heavy aircraft such as B777-300ER, B747-400 and equivalent ... Phase 2 was inaugurated on 01/01/2011, connecting Hanoi to Can Tho, local and international.
3. The passenger terminal:
The passenger terminal of international airports Tho modern design, equipment investment, advanced aviation technology, building floor area of ​​20 750 m2, the design capacity of 2 million passengers / year.
Architecture passenger terminal of international airport in Can Tho not come from the idea of ​​a dinghy of the Mekong River delta. The station can be extended to the next stage when excess mining capacity forecasts.
The station consists of 02 grade levels: A high-altitude destination and go. The elevation of the traveling high in the 1st floor and the ground floor to the client. Position Car parking in front of the station. The auxiliary facilities (water treatment plants, power stations, garages foreign schools, ...) will be located in the appropriate area around the station.
The ground stations are located in 02 areas in the terminal 2 for domestic and international visitors, about the space between the trees planted atrium. The front is space for guests mourners lobby. Station facade with glass truss system Spider modern and beautiful form. In front of the station layout scene lake, can use this water for the fire protection when necessary.
Currently at international airports Can Tho Vietnam Airlines airlines, Vietjet Air, VASCO is exploiting the routes linking Can Tho and Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Con Dao and Dalat, and international flights go to Thailand, Taiwan ...
First 9 months of 2015, passenger volume through Can Tho international airport reached 353,338 passengers, achieving 114% of the plan year and increased 69.5% compared to the same period in 2014; 1,910 tons of cargo shipping - parcel, reaching 88.5% of the plan, up 38.4% over the same period; 2,870 views serving flights landing, reaching 106.3% of the plan, up 57.1% over the same period.

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