Advertising Pleiku Airport

Currently, Vietnam is the fastest growing aviation market in Southeast Asia. In the next 5 years, it is expected that the average speed of the aviation industry of Vietnam may increase to 14% in. 

Advertising Pleiku Airport

This is a potential platform for developing airport advertising services. The Central Highlands is considered to be a land of many unique cultural values, so this is also a place where tourists go to many. In addition, the travel demand of people is also increasing. To meet the travel needs of people as well as tourists, Pleiku Airport has been invested to be able to meet flights to major domestic airports and some locations around the world.

Introduction to Pleiku airport

Pleiku Airport is located at 17/3, Thong Nhat, Pleiku City. The distance from here to the center of Pleiku city is about 3 km to the Northeast. Pleiku Airport is currently a common airport between military and civilian. This airport plays an important role in the network of national airports.

At Pleiku Airport

Pleiku Airport has a total area of 3,174.53m2, including 2 floors, meeting 300 passengers / peak hour and capable of serving 600,000 passengers / year.
The terminal is fully equipped with modern specialized aeronautical engineering system with many utilities to serve visitors: surveillance camera system, wifi system, signage system, automatic fire protection system, lightning protection system…
Currently, Pleiku airport is receiving the exploitation of domestic and international airlines with regular frequency every day.
At Pleiku Airport, there are 04 airlines Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific and Bamboo Airways operating routes connecting Pleiku to / to major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong.

Advertising form at Pleiku airport

Video Wall screen
Wall mounted LCD monitor
LCD display advertising airport stands
Light box for advertising at the airport
Advertising on luggage trolleys
Outdoor advertising pano
In the long wait time before flying, it can last longer than 1 hour, unique and eye-catching advertisements will bring emotional experiences to customers, making the wait become more more interesting.

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Benefits of advertising at Pleiku airport

Customers coming to the airport are often tourists, business travelers, who often have to move. This is a customer in the affluent income segment and can motivate / interfere with the purchase decision. They see shopping as part of the travel experience.
Airport advertising is a comprehensive solution that increases "brand awareness", with up to 71% of high-end airlines thinking that reputable brands can be advertised at the airport.
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