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Vinh City is the center of economic, trade of the North Central region, the focal point of cultural exchange, tourism, domestic and foreign. Vinh airports bridge Uncle Ho's homeland with the major cities in the country, is the ideal destination for domestic route network of the country and plays a key role in the strategic defense and national security.

English name: Vinh airport - VIA
Address: Nghi Lien - Vinh City - Nghe An Province - Vietnam.
Runway (Runway): 01duong landing with a length of 2.400m; 45m wide.
Aircraft apron (Apron): 38 438 m2, 7 parking positions exploiting ATR-72 aircraft, FOKKER70, A320, A321, B737-400 and equivalents
Level airport: 4C
As civil airports combined military flight operations
Passenger terminal (Terminal Passenger): 11.706m2
Capacity through: 2 million passengers / year
1. Geographical location:
Vinh airports located within the administrative boundaries commune Nghi Lien, Vinh city, Nghe An Province. The North borders commune Nghi Trung and commune Nghi Truong. the South borders commune Nghi Phu, the East borders commune Nghi An, the West borders commune Nghi Lien and national highway 1A throughout country, next to Thong Nhat railway North – South, Cua Lo beach away from 14km.
Nghe An rich cultural traditions and revolutionary, heroic Soviet homeland, birthplace of many eminent personalities rank, hometown of President Ho Chi Minh - the hero liberate national, cultural Celebrities of humanity.

Vinh airport map (satellite photo)

2. The process of formation and development:

Vinh airports built by the French from 1937 to 1400 m runway x 30m in land and some other ancillary works, the Port domestic civil aviation grade C.
After 1954, the North was liberated, airports Vinh airport is the Air Force's combat Vietnam managed by the Ministry of Defence.
After 1975, The Port of Vinh was renovated in 1978 and paved the iron burn began mining trade routes Hanoi - Vinh - Hue and vice versa.
The attention of the Party, the State, the Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Aviation Administration and the Corporation directly airports now Northern Airports Corporation of Vietnam, since 1994, airports Vinh not be renovated, upgraded runway 2174m x 30 m, a new terminal building and airlift support constructions ensure Vinh airports from January 1/1995 reactivation serving transport operators commercial passenger ATR 72 aircraft on routes and equivalent Hanoi - Vinh - Danang - Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa with 12 turns of flight frequency flights / week.
In 2003, airports continue to be invested Vinh extended runway 2400m x 45m and the terminal building, taxiway system, aprons, flight management works, the bridge, the road leads. .. grade-airport reception 4C aircraft A320, A321, Boeing 737-400 and equivalent runway safety and implementing commercial exploitation on the route Vinh - Ho Chi Minh City - Vinh starting from 10/01/2004.
Dated 01.29.2015, the Minister of Transport has signed Decision No. 347 / QD-BGTVT approve the adjusted master plan Vinh airports into international airports in 2030 and the period after 2030 orientation.

Accordingly, content planning adjustments include: Level 4E airport (under standard code of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the first level military airport (airport shared between civil aviation and military)); functional role in the network of civil airports nationwide: international airports that serve air routes connecting the North Central region and Nghe An provinces in the country and other countries in East South Asia, North East Asia.
Objective planning to stage in 2020 with a capacity of 2.5 million passengers / year; 9 aircraft parking positions; aircraft operators are A321 and the like; landing approach is the exact approach.
3. The passenger terminal:

Passenger Terminal Project - Vinh airports by Airports Corporation of Vietnam as an investor was inaugurated and put into operation dated 31.01.2015 with a total investment of 1,200 billion VND, from development Fund of the Corporation.
The passenger terminal is the system equipment investment, technological lines of advanced aviation international standards. The station has a modern architecture, high technology, promote the unique local culture with the idea of simulation iconic lotus and lotus leaf. This is the architectural symbol of Nghe An province.
The passenger terminal is designed in elevation model 02 separate arrival, total floor area of ​​11 706 m2, 04 boarding gates, meet 1000 passenger peak hours, the capacity to produce 2 million passengers / year.
The station has two floors, 1st floor which used to serve passengers, 2nd floor used to serve passengers. The stationinvested modern equipment, advanced facilities including 28 aviation counters, 02 baggage carousel, baggage carousel 02, 04 elevators; fully equipped with CCTV system and screen, from the port, security screening machines, machines on baggage screening, baggage scanners; fire alarm system; VIP room, lounge, business class; commercial service area; utility services to serve passengers on a plane; support services for people with disabilities, the elderly, who have difficulty in moving ...
4. Aviation activities:

Vinh existing airports airlines Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines Vietjet Air and are exploiting the domestic routes and one route Vinh - Vientiane (Laos) by Vietnam Airlines exploitation.
In recent years, civil aviation operations through Vinh airports thrive. 2014, Vinh airports served 1,214 million passengers, up 33.2% compared to 2013; 2,900 tons of cargo shipping - parcel, up 93.2%; output reaches 8756 turns off and landing flights, up 25.2% compared to 2013.


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