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International airports located in Phu Bai, an important role in the economic development strategy, culture and society, the defense of Thua Thien Hue Province and North Central; is a bridge between the domestic and international.

With the characteristics is a transport industry has the superiority in terms of speed, time served, so airport Phu Bai International really played an important role in exploiting the tourism potential of the imperial city of Hue, as well as create favorable conditions for trading activities, attracting investment and development projects potential development sectors such as education, medical treatment, nursing, ecotourism ..., contributed to Thua Thien Hue province to cities under the Central in 2014.
san bay phu bai
Phu Bai airport location on the map Vietnam

Satellite photos Phu Bai International Airport
 Phu Bai Airport Ramp 01 is adjacent with main taxiway SP, size: 298m x 103,5m. In the parking space is divided into 06 parking positions for the equivalent type of aircraft A320 / A321 and younger, someone parking area roller guidance systems, parked location by yellow paint according to prescribed standards. Cover type, load capacity of the system parking space: Concrete cement, allowing to receive the aircraft type by PCN ACN announced (45R / B / W / T) of the parking space. Modes of operation: Self-roller aircraft parking positions and used vehicles to pull airplanes out taxiways SP departure.

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Outside the public areas of Phu Bai International Airport
quang cao khu vuc sanh cong cong
Inside the Check In area Phu Bai International Airport

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