With the rise of airline ads, bringing your brand to customers easier than ever before. Take your brand to wing according to flight ...

VietJetAir Airlines is the airline's first new generation in Vietnam, licensed operators flying on domestic routes and international. December 25 2011, the airline made its first flight from Tan Son Nhat away Noi Bai. Pioneer in system applications kiosk check - in automation and web check - in.

New aircraft teams, with a total of 26 modern Airbus 320 (2015).

September 25, 2013, signed an agreement VietJetAir principle with Airbus aircraft manufacturer ordered a total of 100 aircraft types for VietJetAir  transaction totaling approximately $ 9.1 billion.

Pilots for 2015 of about 275 people, with seasoned flying experience with airlines around the world. Of these, nearly 90%  are foreigners and pilots worked at Vietnam Airlines with 27 people. All were recruited based on its processes VietJet, on the principles of openness, transparency, fairness and strict.  

Union Stewards VietJet trained abroad, young, dynamic and enthusiastic to bring comfort and satisfaction to passengers traveling on flights. More than 3,000 students have been through the company's training center in the past year.

VietJet has been honored across the major awards in national and international.

VietJet routes recognized in the "Top 5 newly opened routes leading success" (prestigious award “BuggieS & Travel Awards 2012 held in London).

Asian record Organization has recognized VietJetAir as "airlines are more innovative entertainment services on aircraft".

Prize “ Gold Star service quality” by the Organization B.I.D (Business Initiative Directions) awarded Switzerland.

Two consecutive years to receive the appraisal of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Consumers are voting Vietnam Economic Times as "airline-friendly transportation services and best promotional mode Vietnam ”.

"Top 10 famous brands in 2014" by the Institute of International Intellectual Property Association in collaboration with scientific organizations businessman Vietnam votes.
Routes and transport networks.

Currently: successfully exploited the first 19 domestic and 6 international head.

And upcoming mining: Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Laos, the Russian Federation, Japan ...

Development Goals in 2015
VietJet aims to become a dynamic airline, prestige, are the most popular in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. VietJetAir proud to be "the new generation airline," and pledged to bring you the feeling of "Flying is like now."

Number of aircraft: 28 A320 aircraft was put into operation at full capacity and is expected to receive additional 6-12 units per year

Opening more routes: Hong Kong, India, Laos, the Russian Federation, Japan ...

The percentage of passengers on each flight: more than 95%

About 1,500 flights / week

Offering more than the market average of 10,000 seats / week

Transporting 15 million passengers

Customer Portrait

Gender: The percentage balance (Female: 48% Male: 52%)

Family status: Percentage of passengers traveling with family = The percentage of passengers traveling alone

            Age                 Percentage           Career        Percentage       Income (million VND)     Percentage    
<182%Student18%4 -> 6.516%
18 -> 248%Offi28%7 -> 1022%
25 -> 3417%Expert20%11 -> 1632%
35 -> 4431%Manager15%16 -> 2022%
45 -> 6028%Business12%>218%
Forms of advertising on the plane
Type: Print photos, advertising messages, logos, brands, ... on the outer paper cups, glasses used to serve passengers during the flight.
  • Size: 80 ml
  • Number of cups: 500.000 cups / vessel / year
  • Number of vessels: 20 - 28 aircraft
  • * Ad Partners provides VietJetAir glasses prescribed standards. Applicable on all ships.