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Cam Ranh International Airport is the main airport civil serving Khanh Hoa Province and the Central Province South. In the international tourism system IATA, Cam Ranh airport carrying CXR code. By the time of 2012, the airport passenger traffic reached through 1 million / year and is expected to reach 2.5 million / year by 2015.
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Cam Ranh Airport
Cam Ranh Airport by the US military developed and used as a basis the United States Air Force during the war. In 1973, after the Treaty of Paris, the United States handed the base back to the Vietnam Air Force.

After 1975, Cam Ranh airport continue to be used for military purposes until 2004. May 19, 2004, Cam Ranh airport to welcome the first civilian flight, flying from Hanoi alternative to Nha Trang airport is located in the inner city is limited in area and for safety reasons.
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Cam Ranh airport runway view from above
August 16, 2007, the Government Office decision to upgrade Cam Ranh airport became International airports. In December 2009, with the introduction of the air terminal using new, modern, large-scale central superlative, Cam Ranh airport officially became the international airports 3rd of the region. Even in the morning announced the decision to become an international airport, the airport welcomed the first flight by the airline Silk Air Siangapore implement direct flights from Singapore to Vietnam by plane A-319.

Year Passengers
2008 683.000
2011 1.000.000
2012 1.200.000
2013 1.500.000
Public areas airport is considered advertising airport placements nice because passers largest amount in the airport.
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Public areas Cam Ranh Airport
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Public areas Cam Ranh Airport

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