Advertising Airport

Currently, advertising airport channel is bringing high performance to the user with the advantage of location attracts many potential customers interested.

Advertising Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai International Airport is the third largest airport in Vietnam at present, following the international airport Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City and Cam Ranh International Airport in Khanh Hoa province in terms of area, is also the largest airport Vietnam's 2nd station in terms of capacity and number of passengers through annually. Noi Bai International Airport is the gateway to this important transportation not only of the capital, Hanoi but also the North.

Advertising Vinh Airport

Vinh City is the center of economic, trade of the North Central region, the focal point of cultural exchange, tourism, domestic and foreign. Vinh airports bridge Uncle Ho's homeland with the major cities in the country, is the ideal destination for domestic route network of the country and plays a key role in the strategic defense and national security.

Advertising Can Tho Airport

Today, advertising trends are gradually moving in new directions, new effective means quickly and easily reaching customers. Advertising services at the airport have gradually become familiar with businesses. Arriving at the airport, you will certainly see billboards, equipment and advertising aids are very diverse and eye-catching

Advertising Da Nang Airport

Da Nang International Airport is the largest airport of the central region - Central Highlands of Vietnam
Da Nang International Airport is located in Hai Chau district, the center of Da Nang City 3 km, with a total area of 842 ha airport, in the area of civil aviation sector is 150 ha
This is an important point of flying in Central Vietnam and the country

Advertising Tan Son Nhat Airport

Advertising Tan Son Nhat International Airport is one of three ad positions airport. Tan Son Nhat International Airport is an important communication gateway not only to Saigon but also the South.

Advertising Ca Mau airport

Today, advertising trends are gradually moving in new directions, new effective means quickly and easily reaching customers. Advertising in the airport area is becoming a potential opportunity for businesses who want to increase their brand image to customers.

Advertising Cat Bi airport

Currently, airport advertising is a new type of advertising with specific characteristics. the trend of advertising campaigns at airports in general and advertising services at Cat Bi airport - Hai Phong in particular has been developing strongly in recent years. The types of advertising at Cat Bi airport are receiving special attention because of its outstanding efficiency and advantages

Advertising at Phu Bai Airport

International airports located in Phu Bai, an important role in the economic development strategy, culture and society, the defense of Thua Thien Hue Province and North Central; is a bridge between the domestic and international

Advertising at Phu Quoc airport

Phu Quoc airport contributes to the development of Phu Quoc island into a center of eco-tourism, resort and cruise-class region and international. Every year more than 1 million customers visit

Advertising at Cam Ranh airport

Cam Ranh International Airport is the main airport civil serving Khanh Hoa Province and the Central Province South. In the international tourism system IATA, Cam Ranh airport carrying CXR code. By the time of 2012, the airport passenger traffic reached through 1 million / year and is expected to reach 2.5 million / year by 2015. 

Advertising at Phu Cat airport

Phu Cat Airport is one of the new airport that Nextbrand deployment airport advertising services. Passengers are growing, 2015 is 680 150 passengers.

Advertise in Buon Ma Thuot Airport

Choosing to advertise the Buon Ma Thuot airport is an opportunity to upgrade businesses in the market, marking a turning point in brand positioning. With Nextbrand's understanding, we will help you choose the type of airport advertising that suits your brand. 

Advertising Lien Khuong Airport

Airport advertising is a familiar form of international media and is growing in Vietnam. Advertising in the airport area is becoming a potential opportunity for businesses who want to promote their products and brands to customers. Especially advertising Lien Khuong airport has been chosen by many businesses because of its effectiveness.

Advertising Pleiku Airport

Currently, Vietnam is the fastest growing aviation market in Southeast Asia. In the next 5 years, it is expected that the average speed of the aviation industry of Vietnam may increase to 14% in. 

Advertising Magazine Aviation

One2fly Magazine is a prestigious magazine was released worldwide on domestic flights and international flights of VietJetAir; over 1,000 dealers, domestic box office and foreign, many large banks as HDBank, ABBank,... Booking ads on this magazine will bring your brand closer to potential customers.


With the rise of airline ads, bringing your brand to customers easier than ever before. Take your brand to wing according to flight ...

Advertising on Bamboo Airway aircraft

Bamboo Airway is a "young" airline carrying the mission of connecting tourist lands on the S-shaped strip of land, elevating the image of the country and people of Vietnam on an international map. Bamboo Airways begins the journey of spreading wingspan, with cooperation with the world's leading brands in the aviation industry. Attracting the attention of customers by the beautiful image of both facilities and staff, many advertising campaigns on Bamboo Airway aircraft of brands have achieved success beyond expectations.

Advertising on Vietjet Air

About the advertising services of Vietjet Air airline

Vietjet Air is the first low-cost private airline in Vietnam. Vietjet's headquarters are located in Hanoi. On June 12th , 2013, Vietjet Air placed an order for aircraft manufacturer Airbus to order 100 aircraft of all kinds.

Vietjet Air is now a new generation airline with a dynamic, enthusiastic and professional staff.

Advertising on Vietnam Airline

Introducing on-board advertising service of Vietnam Airline

Vietnam Airlines was the first civilian airline established in 1993, and is also the national airline of Vietnam.

The name Vietnam Airlines has been shaped in the minds of the Vietnamese people as a prestigious, quality, international-class airline and always preferred in every long-haul flight.