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One2fly Magazine is a prestigious magazine was released worldwide on domestic flights and international flights of VietJetAir; over 1,000 dealers, domestic box office and foreign, many large banks as HDBank, ABBank,... Booking ads on this magazine will bring your brand closer to potential customers.

Currently, advertising information through publications on the flight magazine is seen as a form of advertising than to be able to effectively reach customers WISELY and FLEXIBLE.

One 2 Fly Magazine (the only media publications on the Vietjet Air) been assessed to be one of the most attractive magazine attention of many readers in national and international with advantages:

•    For customers: politician, businessmen, office workers, middle manager upwards, consumers ... pretty average income and above and stability.

•    Major release channels: on all domestic flights and the Vietjet Air INTERNATIONAL; more than 1300 box office, agent VietJetAir nationwide and abroad; HD Bank banking system, ABBANK, VIETINBANK ... system resorts, hotels throughout the country; restaurant system, modern coffee; distribution to strategic partners: Saigontourist, Vietinbank; Airbus; ... the news agencies, media, line ministries,…

•    Major release quantities:  40.000 copies / period / 2 months

•    Flight quantities exploit: 6.000 Flights / 2 months

•    Number of passengers read magazines:  2.000.000 Views/ period

•    Contents: variety, the quality, providing economic - society information; fashion, travel, entertainment, consumer ... Made by a team of professional and creative journalists.

•    Presentation: design and professional presentation in accordance with international standards, modern advertising, youthful, fashionable and stylish.

•    Strategy & Vision: At Singapore Vietjet and Aribus contracted orders deployment of more than 100 aircraft to serve the future development plans of the company. In 2014, the first aircraft will be in service contracts in Vietnam and Asia - Pacific.

VietJet Air is considered a great choice for advertising, introducing your brand, products businesses. Customers can subscribe to the service needs to bring his brand of units flying high and far .... Please contact us right to get these privileges and the most effective support.



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