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Ca Mau airport is located in Ward 6, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau province, west distance the city center Ca Mau about 3 km, east distance the sea about 45 km. From Highway 1A (Ly Thuong Kiet Street) to the airport about 100m. Airport coordinates (System WGS-84): 9 ° 10 '38,956''N; 105 ° 10 '33,476''E. Is a small airport in Ca Mau city, Ca Mau, the southernmost province of Vietnam. The airport has runway length of 1500m.
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Located in the center of Ca Mau Peninsula, Ca Mau airports hold an important position in the development of economic, cultural, social, security and defense of Ca Mau province and the region, contributing to the Ca Mau city rose to grade 2, while promoting the development of the neighboring provinces.

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Ca Mau Province which is famous for natural resources abundant, bringing diverse tourism potential, routes, places, local tourist attraction in the country and internationally in the form of ecotourism. Ca Mau has many historical sites, traditional festivals and own share of ethnic groups living in the province express cultural identity and culture of Vietnam and the southern plains. Besides, there is also the source of Ca Mau seafood plentiful attract investors, foreign business development in the fisheries sector.

The development process Ca Mau airport
Airport Moranc (now the Air Port Ca Mau) was built in the French colonial period of our country in the town of Long Quan, An Xuyen Province (now the city of Ca Mau) with lower road, off 400 meters wide by 16 meters. May 6/1962, Houses of the old regime Aviation redesigned Moranc scale Airfield airport is Class G. Accordingly, the area is 91.61 hectares airport, runway length 1050 meters, width 30 tired.
quảng cáo sân bay cà mau
One viewing angles of Ca Mau airport
The dry season of 1972, runway and apron were replaced with asphalt concrete layer.
30/4/1975, Ca Mau airport are our soldiers takeover. From 1976 to mid-1978, no civil flight operations here, only military flights, charter flights or serve the Party and State leadership.
Date 30/04/1995, airports served inaugural flight AN 2 VF808, landed safely down to the Ca Mau airport. 

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