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Introduction to Airline Magazine Advertising

Currently, advertising information through magazine publications on flights is considered an effective promotional method to reach customers in a SMART and FLEXIBLE way.
One2fly, Look, and Heritage magazines are reputable publications widely distributed on domestic and international flights of VietJetAir, Bamboo Airways, and Vietnam Airlines. Placing advertisements in these magazines will bring your brand closer to potential customers.
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One2Fly Magazine – Vietjet Air

One2Fly magazine (the only media publication on Vietjet Air) is considered one of the top attracting magazines to many domestic and international readers with outstanding advantages including:

  • Target customers: politicians, businessmen, office workers, middle to upper management, consumers with a relatively high and stable income.
  • Large distribution channels: on all domestic and international flights of Vietjet Air; over 1300 Vietjet Air ticket offices and agencies nationwide and abroad; HDBank, ABBANK, VIETINBANK banking systems; nationwide resort and hotel systems; modern restaurants and cafes; distribution to strategic partners such as Saigontourist, Vietinbank, Airbus, press agencies, media outlets, government ministries, etc.
  • Large circulation: 40,000 copies/issue/2 months.
  • More than 6,000 flights/2 months.
  • More than 2,000,000 views/issue.
  • Content: diverse, high quality, providing information on economics, society, fashion, travel, entertainment, and consumer trends, created by a team of professional and creative journalists.
  • Presentation: professionally designed and presented according to international standards, with modern, youthful, fashionable and trendy advertisements.
  • Strategy and vision: At Singapore, Vietjet and Airbus have signed a contract to deploy more than 100 aircraft to serve the future development plan of the airline. In 2014, the first planes of the contract will be served in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.

Quảng cáo tạp chí hàng không - Nextbrand


Look Magazine – Bamboo Airways

Look magazine – a publication that focuses on culture, tourism, fashion, and lifestyle. LOOK is present in every seat on all Bamboo Airways flights, the Bamboo Airways lounge system at airports, and the FLC ecosystem nationwide.

  • The magazine Look is a specialized publication on culture, tourism, fashion, and lifestyle. It is present on all seats of every flight of Bamboo Airways, the airline’s lounge system at airports, and the ecosystem of FLC nationwide.
  • The magazine is published on the 5th of every month, with a circulation of 25,000 copies per issue.
  • The total number of prints per year is 120,000 copies.
  • The magazine has a daily readership of 33,000 people and an annual readership of 12,000,000 people.
  • Bamboo Airways’ customers are mostly middle to high-end customers who seek reputable and high-class products and services. There are millions of tourists per year on FLC’s nearly 5,000 resort rooms and 5-star hotels, 29 golf courses, and golf clubs that stretch over 60 km of Vietnam’s most beautiful coastline. The number of hotel rooms will continue to increase in the coming years as many large projects continue to come into operation.

Tạp chí Look - Bamboo Airways


Heritage Magazines – Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines’ in-flight magazine has two main publications, namely Heritage and Heritage Fashion. In addition, the airline also has Heritage Japan (serving on flights between Vietnam and Japan), Heritage Korea (serving on flights between Vietnam and South Korea), and Heritage China (serving on flights between Vietnam and China). This is the only magazine that is placed on every seat of all Vietnam Airlines aircraft.

  • The largest circulation and readership in Vietnam: present on flights, ticket offices, and business-class lounges of Vietnam Airlines.
  • The majority of readers are educated, high-income individuals who make investment and consumption decisions.
  • It is a place where large brands and premium products and services advertise.
  • The design style is beautiful and luxurious; high-quality printing technology, with interesting and unique content.
  • Circulation: 75,000 copies/month.
  • Publication date: 1st of every month.
  • 2,100 flights/week.
  • 270,000 passengers/week.
  • Vietnam Airlines has expanded its flight network to 20 domestic and 43 international destinations in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Vietnam Airlines is a member of Skyteam with over 980 destinations, 18 member airlines, and more than 520 lounges worldwide.

Tap chí Heritage - Vietnam Airlines


List of magazines by airlines

One2Fly Magazine Vietjet Air
One2Fly Magazine Vietjet Air
Look Magazine Bamboo Airways
Tạp chí Look - Bamboo Airways
Heritage Magazine Vietnam Airlines
Tạp chí Heritage - Vietnam Airlines

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