Today, advertising trends are gradually moving in new directions, new effective means quickly and easily reaching customers. Advertising services at the airport have gradually become familiar with businesses. Arriving at the airport, you will certainly see billboards, equipment and advertising aids are very diverse and eye-catching. Especially advertising Can Tho airport has been chosen by many businesses because of the special effectiveness that it brings. In this article we will summarize and go deeper into the impact that Can Tho airport advertising gives to businesses.

quang cao san bay can tho
quang cao san bay can tho

Introduction of Can Tho airport

Can Tho International Airport located along the Hau Giang River is the gateway of international trade of the entire Mekong Delta region. The East of Can Tho International Airport is 700m from Hau Giang river, the North is 500m from Tra Noc canal, the West is adjacent to Ba Ly canal. As such, Can Tho International Airport plays an important role in the economic, cultural, social development and security for Can Tho and the whole region, promoting the development of the regional provinces Mekong Delta.

At Can Tho International Airport:

Can Tho airport started operating 10 years ago. However, recently many people in the Mekong Delta have known and used this airport. Since the beginning of 2019, 10 new routes have been opened at Can Tho International Airport, including 2 international routes. So the number of flights nearly doubled. The number of passengers and cargo through the port increased by about 40% over the same period. Passenger flow from 3-5 million passengers and about 5,000 tons of cargo per year. With a relatively large number of passengers, the Can Tho International Airport is the international trade gateway of the entire Mekong Delta region, so advertising at Can Tho airport will help the advertising units. affirming the brand, reaching out to a large number of customers.

Forms of advertising at Can Tho airport

Currently, the advertising models at the airport are bringing high efficiency such as: Large billboard billboards, light box billboards, Led billboards, banners … in waiting areas, public areas …. All customers when going, returning, waiting for relatives and friends to go through this area so this is a convenient location and convenient for advertising. Therefore, advertising the airport in these areas will attract the attention of many customers and extremely effective.

The advertising at Can Tho International Airport will help businesses advertise their brands in the most convenient and effective manner, while businesses will reach a large number of customers.

Benefits of advertising Can Tho airport:

With an important position in the development of economy, culture, society, security and national defense for Can Tho and the whole region, the position of enterprises when choosing the advertisement form of Can Tho airport will be improved. to a new level. High customer confidence helps businesses position their brand to customers.

At the same time with the work flow in today’s society, customers often do not have much time to access traditional advertising channels such as books and television. However, choosing to advertise Can Tho airport is different. With a long wait time for procedures. Customers can easily pay attention to the billboards at the airport. Therefore, businesses should choose eye-catching and impressive advertising methods to attract customers’ attention:
+ Government officials and officials.
+ Directors of corporations
+ Merchant
+ Tourists
+ Sticking to the goals of the advertising campaign
+ Brand positioning
+ Affirming the brand
+ Reaching the target customers.
+ And especially if the unit has attracted the target customers, the efficiency brought to the Marketing segment will be very high.
But to achieve that efficiency, businesses need to choose companies that specialize in advertising Can Tho airport with a vision. Having an economic strength to choose a prime location, helping the advertising strategy of the business become successful.

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