Vietnam aviation officially meets US standards by 2020

Recently, Vietnam Airlines has been officially licensed by the US Department of Transportation to cooperate with the US airline from January 2020.

Vừa qua Hãng hàng không VN vừa được Bộ Giao thông Vận tải Mỹ chính thức cấp phép hợp tác liên danh hai chiều với hãng hàng không của Mỹ từ tháng 1 năm 2020.

The cooperation will be put into operation starting in January 2020. With that joint venture plan, passengers only need to book and check-in once with Delta Air Lines or Vietnam Airlines to fully register. Itineraries to create favorable conditions for visitors to easily visit famous landmarks in Vietnam or the US.

Vietnam Airlines flights with codeshare partners with Delta Air Lines will be allowed to display Delta Air Lines 'numbers next to Vietnam Airlines' numbers and vice versa. The range of flights includes international itineraries between one or destinations in the US and one or points in Vietnam; Between US domestic points or between Vietnamese inland points or between points outside Vietnam or the US to one or several other points.


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Delta Air Lines will also sell tickets for Vietnam Airlines flights operating between Hanoi and Tokyo to serve passengers connecting to the US.

Along with that, Delta Air Lines are allowed to transport cargoes and passengers in the form of cooperation between the US and Vietnam on the basis of the scope prescribed in the Vietnam-US Air Agreement (2003). Flight numbers starting with VN code * (This is a Vietnam Airlines number) not only displayed on Delta Air Lines flights but also on associated airlines including Endeavor Air, Compass Airlines, Republic Airlines GoJet Airlines and SkyWest Airlines on journeys to 25 destinations in the US under the Vietnam-US Airlines Agreement.

Thus, with this licensing decision, Vietnam Airlines has completed the right to exploit journeys to and from the US with all forms including regular flights, charter flights and two-way partnerships. This can be said to be an important step for Vietnam - US market exploration firm, while creating a habit for passengers to fly to the US on Vietnamese flights.

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