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Top 8 forms of in-flight advertising that are effective for businesses

In Flight Advertising

In-flight advertising is an extremely powerful communication channel, effectively supporting businesses in their brand promotion campaigns to consumers. Currently, this is also one of the most classy communication channels in the field of outdoor advertising. Let’s find out with Nextbrand Vietnam what all the information about advertising on the plane is, what are the hot […]

The cost of airport advertising in Vietnam


Nowadays, airport advertising has become a leading method of communication for businesses looking to reach consumers both domestically and internationally. Therefore, the cost of airport advertising is one of the factors that every business needs to pay attention to and study whenever they intend to implement a marketing campaign in this location. If you have […]

7 Benefits of Advertising at the Airport

Quang cao san bay Phu Quoc7 Benefits of Advertising at the Airport

Advertising at the Airport (Airport advertising) is certainly no stranger to us, you can see in every corner of the airport there are advertising images of brands from familiar to high-end. So what are the benefits of advertising at the airport, let’s find out in this article! What is airport advertising? Advertising at the airport […]

Activities and characteristics of Internal Airlines

san bay noi bai nha ga t1 1

You’ve probably been to the airport many times – you’re familiar with it and don’t pay much attention to the workings behind transporting passengers. If you take a closer look at what’s around an airport, you’ll see that it’s really a “small city”. Summary of airport locations nationwide List of operating services at the passenger […]