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The airport is empty, 'hibernating' tourism

From March 18th , Vietnam stopped issuing visas to foreigners for one month to control the COVID-19 epidemic. The worst damage is probably tourism. Currently, almost tourism businesses "freeze".

Scattered a few taxi waiting for guests

From the airport, on March 18th , there were 318 international flights taking off and landing at airports in Vietnam with 1,095 passengers from Europe to Vietnam. Among them, there are 96 foreigners and 999 Vietnamese.

The majority of passengers on the flight are Vietnamese nationals of European countries returning to Vietnam to avoid the disease.

Noi Bai airport said earlier, the number of people from Europe to return to the country increased rapidly. On March 15th , Noi Bai airport welcomed nearly 1,000 people from places of the epidemic area, including 770 people from Vietnam.

On March 18th , the number of Vietnamese from European countries to Vietnam also accounted for the majority, mainly Vietnamese in the returning countries, while foreigners were almost completely absent.

At Danang airport, normally there are thousands of cars waiting for taxi to park, now it is quiet. In the car parks of the international terminal area scattered a few cars there waiting for guests.

Particularly, the international terminal has more than 160 flights to and from every day, but there are fewer than 30 flights on March 18th , most of which are scheduled an issued visas for guests in advance here.

Arrange for foreign tourists to return home

On March 17th , Mr. Tran Xuan Hung - Chairman of the Viking Tourism Board said that as soon as Vietnam stopped granting visas to foreigners, on March 17th , there was a group of tourists joining the meeting. including 35 people from Indonesia. However, as soon as the Vietnam order will stop granting visas to foreigners to Vietnam, he announced to cancel the tour with the partner. Although tourists are very excited about the trip to Vietnam, we still have to comply with the epidemic prevention first.

Director of Images Travel Company - Mr. Tran Ngoc Toan also said that the company still has 285 European visitors who are traveling in Vietnam and now the company is trying to arrange to bring these tourists home.

In the past few days is probably the confusing days for Vietnamese businesses because the organization of tours for European visitors is constantly changing and there are even cases of being denied the service of the local people.


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Wait for the disease to pass

Vietnamese businesses operating in the tourism industry face many difficulties when there is a temporary suspension of visas for foreign tourists. Businesses are trying to negotiate with suppliers to reduce losses and find adaptations.

Vietnamese businesses share Their staff will still answer visitors' questions and advise guests to wait for when the tourism-controlled epidemic will recover.

With the current situation, the leader of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism shared that the top priority is now the epidemic.

The temporary suspension of visas for foreigners considered by our international visitors to "hibernate" within a month. At the same time, the preparation for the tourism market is still being prepared urgently by tourism businesses.

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